Sunday, May 15, 2016

New Fragrances...

Greetings to you,

     It's a cool, cloudy, Sunday morning. As I sit here enjoying a cup of English Breakfast tea, I'd like to tell you about our new fragrance creations...

     Two years ago we introduced our first men's fragrance:Chivalry. The scent is a blend of crisp, exotic notes, softened with tones of warm woods. The inspiration harkens back to a time when men won their ladies favor with displays of bravery and courtly manners.

     Our next new fragrance made its debut last year. Sweetly scented green grasses and delicate wildflowers blended with fresh notes of mist moistened rolling hills come together as Walking upon the Moor. Images of worn, pathways, sweet heather and thistle meandering over windswept rocky crags was the inspiration here. 

     Both fragrances have been very popular since their introduction and so our creativity continues...

     The thought process for creating a new fragrance can be a very long one. Sometimes, the process begins with the name and the scent then created around it. Other times, the process can start with ideas for combining certain scents. Truthfully though, ideas and inspiration can come from anywhere: reading, watching t.v. or a movie, being in my garden, talking with friends, or anything that crosses my path.

     I've been working on the concept for several new fragrances since the introduction of Walking upon the Moor and have just brought two of them to fruition. It is always so exciting when concept becomes reality.

     One of the new fragrances is another one for men. My desire is to have product offerings for men that smell nice, are easy to use but are also just as  pampering as our other products. 

     A long time fan of Sherlock Holmes, 221B Baker Street is the newest men's fragrance taking its inspiration from the idea of Sherlock sitting in his favorite chair as he contemplates his most recent case. Notes of sweet pipe tobacco, rich leather and pages of well researched books blend together to honor this classic of British literature. 

     The second of our newest fragrances brings forth images of walking beside a cool stream through a dark green forest that leads to a lake of sparkling ripples. Bursting forth from the lake is the Lady, Keeper of the Sword, Excalibur in hand. Here lies the inspiration of moss covered stones, cool water, and ancient trees to create our fragrance, Lady of the Lake. 

     Currently, the four new fragrances are only available in our soap line but will be expanded into our other products shortly. For the men, we are researching a entirely new product to introduce into our line (more on that as we go forward). For now, that brings us up to date on our new fragrances. We hope you enjoy them.

Warm wishes for a lovely day,

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